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MUSIC PRODUCTION in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Production means completing work through your entire record from start to finish. From picking out and tweaking song arrangements, to building guitar tones and effect layers, to the final vocal take tweaks — full production means every aspect is carefully catered to you.

Music RECORDING in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The pilar of a huge sounding production is the recording process. SILVERSTAR STUDIOS provide top gear and facilities to ensure the best recording that makes the difference for a great mix.


At SILVERSTAR STUDIOS we can bring a flat, lifeless recording back from the dead, or highlight and enhance a perfectly captured performance; the right mixing engineer is the key.


No record is complete without the accuracy and care that comes from a practiced mastering engineer. As the final processing on your record, the mastering will polish clarity, volume, width and control into your record with delicate hands that preserve every detail of the mixing process.


Some recordings need editing before tracks are ready for mixing. Bring your tracks to SILVERSTAR STUDIOS for editting and tracking or to enhance and bring them to life through our top analog gear.


Recording advertisements for radio or television in our facilities with our own voice talent casting makes the difference to get a first-rate professional work. We also make audio mixes in spots and all kinds of videos and advertising media.